F I T N E S S    S C I E N C E

A Modern Approach to Fitness and Movement

John Loeber
Integrated Movement Trainer

Corrective exercise programming for functional movement with whole body, dynamic variables, and controlled resistance.

Functional Training with John
Saturdays 2:30-3:45 • NYSC 145 Harlem


Slastix Power and Agility


Slastix Power and Agility

Cesar's Motocross Training
Needs Core Control, Power and Endurance

Cesar's Circuit Training
Trains Balance, Stability, Power for Performance

Suspension traing with whole body loading and momentum

Swinging momentum developed between squatting and pressing movements

Preparing lower body triple extension

Entering the squat with lower limb elastic tendon loading

Recovering the squat and stabilizing momentum

Preparing upper body double extension

Pushup with upper limb elastic tendon loading

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